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Save 3,218.80€ with this package of accessories for the Beauty Luxury hot-tub spa!

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4 828,20 €

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Save 3,218.80€ with this package of accessories for the Beauty Luxury hot-tub spa!

Choice of the PVC skirt may be required in gray (H03), light brown (H04) or white (H05).
The stepladder choice of color gray or brown.
The handrail choice of color black or stainless-steel.

The packet includes:

  • 1 cover
  • 1 PVC skirt
  • 10 RGB LED lights
  • Stainless-steel jets kit
  • 1 emotional waterfall with RGB LED lights
  • 1 pair pop-up speakers (ovoidal or cilindrical, depending on hot tub model)
  • 1 insulating foam
  • 1 pop-up TV
  • DVD/CD/MP3 player
  • 1 base
  • 1 handrail
  • 1 skirt insulation
  • 1 aromatherapy
  • 1 fountain jets
  • 1 Balboa System BP2100

CompatibilityBL-808, BL-810, BL-815, BL-826, BL-827, BL-830, BL-832, BL-833, BL-835, BL-836, BL-837, BL-838, BL-869, BL-872.

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The standard features of Beauty Luxury spas, convinces for an exceptional comfort and the suitability for private and professional use.

However, with exclusives optionals packs is possible to enrich further your Spa, making it unique!

Pacchetto VIP

Beauty Luxury is famous for his extensive standard equipment of his spas but with the package. VIP adds 3 essential components for a perfect outdoor realization.
Resistant PVC skirt, cover and 10 water level led lights for chromotherapy's lovers!

Discover the VIP pack.

Pacchetto STAR

Our spas are equipped with a wealth of standard equipment.
If you want to give a touch of exclusivity without falling into excesses, the package STAR is the best choice for you.

Discover the STAR pack.

Pacchetto LUXURY

The uniqueness is perhaps the highest form of individuality. For this Beauty Luxury has created this exclusive package LUXURY, a combination that will make special every single moment of relaxation.
More comfort, more color, more prestige. What else could you want?… Maybe the package EXTREME LUXURY!

Discover the LUXURY pack.


From cover to the precious TV monitor. More is impossible!!

Discover the EXTREME LUXURY pack.

For further information, feel free to contact the Beauty Luxury staff, click here.

This feature is for italian citizens only.

To offer the best with our production, we opted, for some time, to the control electronics built by the American "Balboa® Water Group", a leader in the industry.
Each Beauty Luxury hot tub spa use one or more heather Balboa BP series and one or more control panel Balboa TP600.
Usually the hot tub spa have only 1 heater and 1 control panel (in case is specified in technical details), while the swim spa require more depending on the number of pumps or independent zones.
For all hot tub spas equipped with heater BP you can add the Wi-Fi module, which allows the control of functions through an app available for both Apple and Android devices.
The hot tubs with the GS series heater cannot use the wi-fi module of the BP series and for them it was thought the BP-2100 module, which also requires the replacement of the control panel. It is an upgrade of the pool is to be done by qualified personnel.
All the hot tub spa can be equipped with the new Microsilk® System, a type of massage made of micro-bubbles that give a exfoliating effect of the skin, to join the bath session with the rejuvenation of the skin itself .
The installation is possible on all the beauty Luxury products but it required the intervention of specialized personnel.


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