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T05 texture "marbled blue"

Beauty Luxury


"Marbled blue" finish and texture for the whirlpools and hot tubs Beauty Luxury

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"Marbled blue" finish and texture for the whirlpools and hot tubs Beauty Luxury.

In the hot tub spa this option is a selectable choice without extra charge. In some other products the price may vary. The correct indication is always contained in the product data sheet.

The image shown is only indicative as the processing of acrylic is hand made and may differ slightly from the one presented, so the image cannot be used as a contractual term.

Beauty Luxury Products are hand-made by craftsmen.
For this reason, the measures mentioned may undergo slight changes.
Even the pictures of the products and accessories shown may therefore differ slightly from the final product. The photos displayed are not a constraint.

Excluding products of consumption, all others are delivered by a specialist courier. For this reason, the exact amount of shipping charges will be shown only after the customer will indicate the exact destination address (always show the presence of ZTL zones or centers).

The shipment cost shown (30,00€) is the fee for the delivery direct on our warehouse.

We can also carry out aerial deliveries.
Ask for a quote for more complete information about costs!

This feature is for italian citizens only.


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