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Discover the world of Beauty Luxury: hot tub spa, jacuzzi, fitness and swim spa, massage tubs, saunas, steam bath, turkish bath, wellness centers. For inside or outside installation, and with taylor made options. Our products are made with the best material and components available.

Become Retailer

Do you already work in the wellness sector? Want to get started? We offer you the opportunity to enter this sector as an authorized reseller, with many advantages and profit margins and a minimum investment.

Wellness is at home with the Beauty Luxury Hot tubs!

Hot tubs, saunas, whirlpools: let’s create your relax corner on measure!

Relax, easy-going mood and physical wellness just like in the baths, every time you want and without the crowd’s sensation. Looks like a dream? With Beauty Luxury it can turns into reality.
Since more than ten years we got specialized in the realization of Finnish and Infrared Saunas, Hot Tubs and Swim Spas, whirlpool bath for indoor and outdoor and Turkish Baths. We will transform your house in a private wellness centre where you can relax after a long day of work.
All our products are handcrafted, customized, with exclusive trims and further details for you. Let it be a Sauna or a Hot Tub, you can choose among different models with their own dimensions and accessories: we will create the perfect product for your needs and you will choose whether to put it inside your home or outside, in the garden or under the porch.
We really care of the environment and ecosystem, so we don’t use harmful additives and all our products are CE certifications furnished.

Beauty Luxury is indeed luxury within reach of everyone

Hot Tub for home is not just a sign of wealth, it is for health care. In due time you will feel tiredness vanishing and in stead of it a powerful energy stream coming over. Regular SPA sessions help restoring vitality and well spirits, that’s why they’re so popular nowadays. Hot water whirlpool relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and body’s metabolism. This effect is particularly appreciated by sport’s lovers: people who need to alleviate muscular tension after physical exercise. No professional massage therapist could ever create an effect like the one of water invigorating pressure on the human body. In addition, after an intense training relaxing in a outdoor Hot Hub is extremely relaxing.

Italian design Hot Tubs

Italian design Hot Tub. Hot Tub with whirlpool functions, Italian handcrafted and the SPA is directly at your home. In every moment, with our SPA you will be able to enjoy a relaxing hydromassage, besides its curative effects deriving from hot water. Why not sharing such a pleasure with family and friends? We offer a wide range of accessories and customizations. Dimensions and components all made in Italy depend on your needs and preferences as each client is different. A standard Hot Tub can accomodate from 1 to 9 people, it is perfect for a family or a little group of friends. A compact pool with Hot Tub is the top for a little SPA centre. That’s just one option of Italian design, basically cheap, and doesn’t spoil the budding tradesman. You can easily use it as it doesn’t require much maintenance and cleaning. As you can see, the advantage will be so huge.

Relax, Wellness and Physical Activity are today just a Click away!

Do you know which one to choose? If you don’t, ‘Wellness Center’ packs are here for you, they were projected to easily create a true SPA at your home with facilitated prices compared to what you’d spend buying single products.

One distinguished feature of Beauty Luxury is the excellent quality/price ratio. Thanks to a targeted business activity, focused on few distributors and with a strong presence on the web, we are able to guarantee competitive prices for you, and quality will not be diminished thereafter.

Close your eyes, relax and imagine being merged in the water of a Hot Tub. Choose from our catalogue and contact us, we’ll do all the rest.

Whirlpool means relaxing body and mind

Outdoor Hot Tub will give you a unique sensation of lightness, like flying in the air. Just choose the best mode for the highest relax in the Hot Tub and enjoy a luxurious SPA. We suggest you to buy aromatic essences for your SPA.

Aromatherapy alleviates stress in one second, improves your state of mind and defeats insomnia’s symptoms. Hot water, whirlpool, pleasant perfumes and bright combinations of LED lights create an enchanting atmosphere.

And this could’t be just your own SPA centre, but a fantastic place for little parties, too. Invite a group of friends, there’s plenty of space for everyone in the Hot Tub! 

Fitness inside the Hot Tub

Beauty Luxury Hot Tub is the ideal one for that kind of client who wishes to unite physical effort and comfort. The Hot Tub’s concept designed for fitness derives from the successful story of water gym, which employs the specific quality of this liquid to reduce body weight by 90%.

Our Hot Tubs are the perfect solution for pregnant women, overweight people, convalescents from injury and for the ones who don’t like going to the gym and want to stay healthy without practicing too much exercise.