Whirlpool baths

A whirlpool bath is the ideal place to regenerate from the daily stress and remove the tensions that put at risk our psychophysical well-being. Buying one for your own home today is no longer prohibitive: solutions are available for all space and budget needs.


Whether it’s for your spa or your home, choosing the right whirlpool bath requires some technical advice. Beauty Luxury guides you in the choice of the best quality product suitable for your needs.

The whirlpool bath is synonymous with relaxation

A whirlpool bath should be chosen on the basis of its functions but also of the options it offers. You can have air or water massages, also in combination, for relaxing, strengthening, stimulating, therapeutic massages.
In the air massage the flow gives a relaxing and therapeutic effect, while in the water massage the flow starts from the side vents.

Some models have nozzles located behind the back, for lumbar massage, or at the feet, for foot massage. The nozzles are adjustable to decide the direction of the jets and adjustable for water speed and therefore massage force.
The current bath models are equipped with taps and touch screen controls, integrated in the bath rim, for a design with clean lines. For comfort, a headrest can be fitted, which allows the bath to be placed in a lying position without slipping to the bottom of the bathtub. Finally, to enrich the whirlpool with a multisensory experience, the Beauty Luxury tubs are equipped with lamps for chromotherapy.

How a whirlpool bath works?

The whirlpool is a bathtub equipped with nozzles so you can indulge in a full-body massage. Thanks to its hydrotherapy action, the bath is able to relax all the muscles, removing stress and tension.

How does the whirlpool work? The whirlpool works according to the physical principle of the Venturi effect: through a pump the water from the tub is sucked in and circulated again through the pipes, to be sent back to the tub through the outlets.
Inside these adjustable nozzles, air and water are mixed together to create the massage jet.
The micro bubbles of air produced by the violent flow of water, compress the various tissues producing a massage that acts on the circulation and muscles.

The whirlpool bath acts by optimally combining temperature, pressure and water movement. The ideal temperature for a relaxing bath is between 32 and 37 °C, while the pressure of the jets must be adjusted to avoid breaking the surface capillaries.
The hot water is decontracting and promotes circulation, while the cooler water has a tonic-stimulating effect and can increase blood pressure.
It is not advisable, therefore, to have a hydromassage that is too hot or to dive for too long if you suffer from low blood pressure or cardiovascular disorders.
It is advisable to use the whirlpool for a maximum of 20 minutes and after immersion in the whirlpool bath it is advisable to lie down for 10 minutes, wrapped in a bathrobe, so as to bring the pressure back to normal.

The benefits of the whirlpool bath

Thanks to the compression action, the blood vessels dilate and increase the speed of the peripheral circulation. The tissues are stimulated to a metabolic rebalancing and the muscles are toned. The lower limbs benefit from fluid drainage and the skin becomes more elastic and firmer.

Great improvements are also obtained for the imperfections of cellulite.
The use of the whirlpool helps to recover from the aftermath of minor traumas such as sprains, contusions, contractures. The heat, dilating the pores, facilitates the absorption of substances beneficial for the skin, such as plant extracts or salts.

Last but not least, the hydromassage contributes to the release of endorphins that increase the level of satisfaction and the sensation of well-being.

Choosing the right bathtub for your bathroom

The size and shape of the room are decisive for identifying the shape of the whirlpool bath. In small bathrooms, for example, it is advisable to insert a rectangular whirlpool bathtub rectangular whirlpool bathtub, with compact dimensions and placed along a wall depending on the space available.

Compact models are available, with ideal depth to allow even the tallest people enough space to immerse themselves completely. For a medium-sized bathroom you can opt for a triangular whirlpool bath, more suitable for environments with a square plan and two free perpendicular walls.

The larger models can be used by two people at the same time. For large bathrooms you can freely choose any shape, including the modern round whirlpool tubs, or the oval whirlpool tubs, can be installed as an island version for a mini-pool effect, or embedded whirlpool tubs for a spa atmosphere, comfortable whirlpools to wrap the body in an ergonomic way.

The “must” of the moment is the bathtub in the middle of the room, which dominates the scene making the bathroom a place of charm. These whirlpool bathtubs are available in all shapes, but for their installation it is necessary to prepare both the drain and the load of the water (hot and cold) on the floor and to equip the sanitary with taps from the ground. This type of installation generally has higher initial costs.

What material is a whirlpool bath made of?

Our whirlpools are made of acrylic and are the most popular for their low cost, ease of installation and hygiene. Acrylic, reinforced with fibreglass to minimize natural flexibility, adapts to any geometry, resists UV rays, detergents and mechanical stresses and can be regenerated in case of scratches and abrasions.
The finished acrylic tank normally weighs between 25 and 35 kg and must be installed carefully to avoid excessive flexing on the walls or bottom.
For the island versions, it will also be important to carefully choose the external covering of the bathtub, which must be in harmony with the environment and finish it in a decisive but discreet way.