9 person hot tubs

Our 9 person hot tubs are at the top of the product category, top for performances, to create a professional wellness center: they can be installed indoors, outdoors, both above ground, embedded or half-embedded.


Make your wellness center, your spa, unique by adopting a Beauty Luxury hot tub available in 18 Aristech Acrylic textures® (made in USA) with PVC exterior in 4 colors.
There are also many accessories available in the catalog, but the control electronics produced by Balboa Water Systems® (USA world leader in the industry) and is standard!

After the sports training you get the maximum muscle defatigousness with a mini-pool, to the great advantage of athletic performance.
And also your beauty center with this service level climb, becoming the preferred by customers!



9 person hot tubs are top performance products ideal for creating a professional wellness center: they can be installed indoor or outdoor also embedded.

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380x220x116 cm - 9 persons

17.590,00 (VAT excl.)
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450x200x110 cm - 9 persons

18.490,00 (VAT excl.)