3 person infrared saunas

Designed for professional use in spas or for home use, 3-seater infrared saunas allow you to enjoy a treatment at low temperature and very low humidity.


The infrared sauna is ideal for those who want to prolong youth and strengthen health and regular use is now a tradition in many countries.
This good habit helps to maintain optimal health, a good physical appearance at any age among people.

In the infrared sauna, the human body is completely heated by special emitters to a temperature not exceeding 60 °C. The heat of this type of sauna is generated by ceramic tubes with light in the range between 6 and 20 micrometers.
Thanks to this feature, the heating reaches deep into the muscles and this is ideal for post-workout sessions because it reduces recovery times.

Home sauna: double benefit

In addition to the great benefits of sitting in the infrared sauna, there is a second important advantage: the infrared sauna is cheap!
It consumes little, it heats up quickly and just a normal power outlet.
That’s why it is ideal both in a professional facility and directly at home.

Go enjoy the benefit of the sauna when you want, without waiting lists, without having to do the sauna with strangers, with the unique pleasure of doing it with family and friends.

Infrared Saune, Beauty Luxury quality

Beauty Luxury produces and sells saunas, so it is easy to manage any customizations. You can have the ideal sauna for your space, easy to assemble (you do it in a few minutes) and will accompany you for years of wellness and relaxation.

Ideal for every budget

The purchase will certainly not empty your wallet. In our online shop it is very easy to find affordable infrared saunas thanks to the continuous offers suitable for every budget.
Our staff is always available to assist you in choosing the ideal model.