The Turkish bath you’ve always dreamed

The Turkish bath (hammam) Beauty Luxury is a high-temperature humid steam bath to improve physical well-being and purify the skin.


Hammam, meaning “hot bath”, has ancient origins and was already practiced in the Roman Empire. The traditional hammam takes place in an environment consisting of 3 rooms, each one with a specific temperature. Today it will no longer be necessary going to the spa to enjoy such a treatment: for this reason we at Beauty Luxury produce Turkish baths that can last over time. The Turkish bath is a water place where heat and steam induce profuse sweating and deep relaxation of mind and body. The refined and welcoming settings of the Beauty Luxury Turkish bath, combined with the soft density of the water vapor produced by the steam generator, are an ideal place for who prefers lower temperatures compared to those of the sauna. With Beauty Luxury it will be easy to have a Turkish bath in your home: a relaxing cabin, enveloped in warmth, just for you! Cabins are of different sizes and number of seats and adjusted through digital displays allowing you to set the intensity of the steam, turn the light on/ off inside or activate additional functions such as chromotherapy or aromatherapy. All this seems prodigious and indeed it is… because the Turkish bath has a thousand-year history!

Turkish Bath – a short Story

The Turkish bath is a practice of hygiene and purification of the body enacted since the Romans’time, when specifically designated places were built for this practice: the “thermae”, meaning “spa”. This best practice was later adopted by another great civilization in history, the Arabian one, which gave so much importance to it transforming the baths’ purification into a real religious ritual, known as the “hammam” which in Arabic means “to warm up”.
This is how the steam bath of the Romans was transformed according to a very functional concept which was extraordinarily close to our times: Arab baths were much smaller indeed than the Romans’ ones, having fewer of stations. Today the Turkish bath is a widespread practice not only among those living by Mediterranean Sea, having taken hold all over the world: to such an extent the effects of the Turkish bath have proved beneficial, with its purification of the body and the relapse in terms of psychophysical well-being. All these factors make it a “must” for the wellness world. So let’s see in detail what a Turkish bath is.

What is a Turkish bath?

The Turkish bath is a high humidity steam room. Inside the cabin, temperature reaches 40 °-60 ° C with humidity values ​​equal to 100% and saturating the cabin with water vapor. The session inside a Turkish bath is usually longer than that of a sauna, for the simple reason that the temperatures in a Turkish bath are slightly lower.
The walls of the steam room have a very high insulating capacity and are waterproof, impact resistant. The vaulted roof, too, facilitates the fall of the “droplets” of steam along the walls, favoring the proper distribution of the steam inside the cabin. We at Beauty Luxury recommend the Turkish bath to all those who cannot stand the excessively high temperatures of the sauna. In the past ten years we developed processing techniques and materials to cope with the very high humidity of the cabin. This is why we developed a series of solutions – from the BL-2B Turkish bath with two seats to the BL-8B Turkish bath for eight guests – suitable for the most diverse needs.
Not to mention the one-off solutions, unique bespoke, craft handed and made on site pieces.

Differences between Turkish bath and sauna

Turkish bath, unlike the sauna, requires the presence of water while treatment is going on with humidity equal to 100%. Turkish bath has significant benefits for the body and mind. First of all, it favors the elimination of toxins and excess fluids. The steam causes vasodilation and facilitates the expulsion of toxins through the lungs, kidneys and skin.
Turkish bath promotes blood circulation, relaxes the muscles, relieves psychophysical tensions and reduces stress and fatigue. Given the “severe” environmental conditions, it is recommended to perform Turkish bath sessions for a maximum of 15/20 minutes at a time. By doing this you will not subject your body to excessive thermal stress, alternating steam bath with a cold shower. At the end of the session it is absolutely necessary to replenish the lost fluids by drinking herbal teas and/or water. Turkish bath, like the sauna, is not recommended for those suffering from too low or too high pressure.
To maximize the benefits of the steam bath Beauty Luxury included additional functions within its products, such as chromotherapy, aromatherapy or music therapy.
Turkish baths with chromotherapy are equipped with lights of different colors, which can be combined with each other in RGB mode as requested. In fact, according to various scientific studies each color is able to positively affect the psychophysical well-being of man with its own wavelength and frequency. Our customized models can also be equipped with special vaporizers with essence tray inside.
This will turn your model into an aromatherapy steam room!
For even more pleasant moments (only on custom models) it is possible to equip them with integrated audio speakers to listen to music during the treatment. The Beauty Luxury Turkish bath structure is made with high quality materials (acrylic) resistant to high temperatures.

Turkish Bath’s benefits

– Body’s sweating and dilation of pores thanks to high humidity and temperatures
– Release of all excess toxins so that the skin will return luminous, shiny, elastic and soft
– Treatment of skin diseases (acne, eczema, irritation)
– Relief of muscle pain, numbness and joint aches
– Contrast of water retention
– Generalized improvement of blood circulation through the vasodilating action of high temperatures inside the cabin combined with the vasoconstrictor of the cold shower
– Contrast of respiratory diseases (colds and sinusitis)
– Elimination of lactic acid and relaxation of the muscles to promote physical recovery after the gym and physical activity

Suggestion for the best use of Turkish bath

Enter the heated cabin and stop there for a quarter of an hour. Get out and immerse yourself in a tub full of cold water for 30 seconds, or alternatively use a shower.
Repeat the process several times and finally perform a relaxing stretching for about twenty minutes.
When inside the cabin it is preferable to lie down or keep the legs higher than the torso to promote circulation.
Turkish bath’s session is to be carried out except in cases of debilitated health conditions or in presence of cardiovascular disorders.
It is good to pay attention to the maximum heat tolerance time which is subjectively variable (you can check the variations in the pulsation of the temples to pick up the signals sent by the body). It is important not to eat an hour before the Turkish bath and replenish lost fluids with vegetables, drinks and fruit juices.