Round hot tubs

Our round hot tubs are among the simplest, as form, but also the most spectacular and above all they are the top in terms of conviviality.

With friends or family, talking and having fun face to face, trying each time the different characteristics of the massage zones, becomes a fun game and at the same time allows you to get muscle relaxation and well-being.


The PVC exterior is available in 4 colors and can be removed for recessed installation. Acrylic is available in 18 textures Aristech Acrylic® (made in USA) and the control electronics is produced by Balboa Water Systems® (world leader in the industry, made in USA).

You can complete the customization with the wide range of accessories available.


Minipiscine circolari sono fra le più semplici, come forma, ma anche le più spettacolari e sono il top per convivialità con gli amici o con la famiglia.

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∅220x80 cm - 7 persons

7.690,00 (VAT excl.)
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∅245x98 cm - 6 persons

8.199,00 (VAT excl.)
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∅180x75 cm - 2 persons

5.690,00 (VAT excl.)
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∅235x95 cm - 6 persons

8.349,00 (VAT excl.)
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∅200x90 cm - 5 persons

6.690,00 (VAT excl.)