Hot tub spa: your wellnes center

The spa is the best solution for relaxation. Without leaving the house, or inside a spa: choose the free time for a dip in wellness. The wide choice of Beauty Luxury offers both outdoor and indoor solutions, capable of ensuring comfort at every level to one or more people.


Lower the pressure of your day, remove the word stress from the vocabulary, every day be happy giving you unique emotions. If you have problems with space no problem: Beauty Luxury is able to offer you every type of custom product, to be placed in every part of your home, both outside and inside. Each Beauty Luxury spa comes in a monoblock ready to use, tested by our technicians.

Why to choice a hot tub

The health of each is daily endangered by stress, problems, multiple external factors. Being able to use water, a gentle massage resulting from the operation of jets that can be positioned at will, provide the brain with a valid reduction in tension.
This is scientifically proven, as is the possibility of decompressing the muscles of the body when one indulges in a massage in water. Do not underestimate the speech of the “blood route”: once the body is relaxed, everything returns almost normal within a motor circulation that is often put to the test by the stress of a complicated modern life.

The play of light, the “chromotherapy”, optimize the whirlpool, providing the user with a well-being that becomes over time virtually indispensable. The choice of a hot tub spa at home becomes practically a winning life choice.
Find the hot tub spa perfect for your needs
It’s easier to choose the right product for the needs of each of us.
First of all: where will the product be installed? Indoors (indoor model), or outdoors (outdoor model), above-ground, half-embedded or embedded?
If we want to place the terrace pool, on a floor or on a raised floor, it will first be necessary to carry out a technical survey in order to consider the load-bearing capacity of the structure.

Beauty Luxury solutions are from 1 to 9 seats, all complete with accessories and relaxation areas, and the first step is the static testing of the space. In other areas of the house it is very easy to add a hot tub: just have a support surface on which to lay it, a drain for water and the power socket. The Beauty Luxury spas, equipped with Balboa Systems® electronics (made in the USA), can be supplied with both 220 and 380 volts.
Hot tubs: characteristics, peculiarity, installation
If you want to embeddee a Beauty Luxury spa… you can do it. If you want to leave your spa above ground… it’s so simple. Once you have chosen the location you will need to proceed as follows.

Beauty Luxury spas can be placed freely, provided there is water drainage nearby and a 4/6 sqmm power cable for the 220 volt power supply.
If you need to embedded the spa, you will need to dig, following the technical data sheet provided, leaving only a small free space to access filters and nozzles along the perimeter of the pool.

The spas are designed and built following the advice of experts in the field: nothing is left to chance, especially for the simplicity of their installation. Every single component, such as the nozzles, the jets, the emotional waterfalls, are positioned according to the various relaxation sessions, in order to provide a healthy relaxing path, emotionally perfect.
Each water jet is individually controlled, alternatively it is possible to make a multiple and overall choice for the intensity of the hydromassage.

The use of the hot tub in winter is not affected by adverse weather conditions: thanks to the powerful Balboa Systems® heater, the water can reach a temperature of up to 39 degrees. For Beauty Luxury, almost nothing is impossible!
Differences between hot tub spa and whirlpool spa
Understanding the difference is simple, even if it seems like two identical things.
First of all the construction. The Aristech Surfaces® acrylic (made in the USA) of the spa is thicker than an indoor pool because the composite material is different. This is to ensure peculiarities, such as insulation to heat or cold stronger, especially in outdoor conditions.

The Beauty Luxury spa comes to you in monoblock, already tested before to shipment. All you need is a power cable and a nearby water change well. The rest comes by itself. The spa is cleaned with normal, non-abrasive, neutral-based, non-toxic creams or cleansing gels.
The Beauty Luxury spa is equipped with an independent heater that raises the water temperature up to 39 Celsius degrees.

Other products, such the indoor whirlpools, have a different approach: the regulation of the water temperature depends on the water coming out of the tap and discharged every time it is used. The water in the spa, however, can be changed about every 30 days thanks to the paper filtering system, which should be cleaned periodically and replaced about every 12 months.
The operation is very simple and does not require the intervention of a technician.

Making the Difference

Over the years, we’ve seen that the accessories that come with the hot tub spa makes the difference. For this reason Beauty Luxury is the only company to have the largest number of accessories in its catalogue.
The customer has a base already very rich in equipment, such as the Balboa System® control module and as many options to choose from the catalog. All Beauty Luxury spas are equipped with chromotherapy, Bluetooth® audio system and integrated speakers, and can be equipped with a wifi control module, fountain jets or emotional waterfalls, up to pop-up waterproof TV.

Design hot tubs

We are masters in designing the shapes of our hot tubs.
The rectangular hot tub, the circular hot tub or the squared hot tubs: choose the shape that suits you best.

We are ready to satisfy your wishes: we don’t really have any fantasy problems. The standard outer shell is climate resistant. The colours available for the acrylic and PVC skirt will make you exclaim: my Beauty Luxury is really beautiful!!!