Customized prefabricated house saunas

Beauty Luxury saunas are delivered in kits to assemble, in an extremely simple way.


Only the connection to the electrical system is required.

The Finnish sauna, with the traditional system based on the lava stone stove, is also called “dry sauna”.
Temperatures can be as high as 100 °C with humidity usually not exceeding 10-20 %.

The infrared sauna operates at temperatures around 60 °C. Characteristics of these innovative and effective saunas are the total absence of steam (absolutely dry heat), the high capacity to detoxify the body, the effects of pain reduction in general, the very low operating consumption and the extreme simplicity of installation in any professional or domestic environment.

The saunas for home are available in small, medium or large sizes to fit inside your home to create a unique corner of relaxation. Beauty Luxury saunas are very popular because thanks to their affordable prices, they can meet even the most diverse needs.

Today owning a sauna at home has never been so easy!

Do you need special measures to position your future Finnish or infrared sauna? No problem! Ask now for a custom quote for your new custom sauna!
We take care of the sale of saunas giving 360 degrees of support; our division is able to offer services ranging from design and technical assistance to logistics, up to installation.