Discover the wellness for your pets

Beauty Luxury Pet Spas are designed for indoor use (or in protected spaces) and made of first class materials.


The acrylic of our Pet Spas is thicker than similar products available on the market and this ensures durability, both for indoor and outdoor installations.
Pumps and motors are of European production.
The production is carried out with artisan care by personnel with specific training (structural engineers, electronics, plumbers) and each product is tested and pre-tested for several hours directly at the end of the assembly line.

Beautiful, safe and eco-friendly

Our Pet Spas have a very low power consumption and use hot and cold water from your system, like any washbasin.
The adjustable speed air pumps makes the massage very quiet and do not scare the animals.
They have a chromotherapy system to help you relax your pet, which for the first time can be secured to the sturdy attachment provided.
The equipment includes a hand shower and lifesaver to ensure maximum safety.
Each Pet Spa has a special system for recovering hair, which does not clog the drains.