4 person saunas

Sauna is an ancient Finnish word meaning “winter residence” but, thanks to Beauty Luxury, you can enjoy our sauna at any time of the year: they are ideal for couples, to enjoy a wonderful wellness session with a partner or to have fun with friends.


Thanks to the two available technologies you may choice your ideal sauna: the traditional Finnish one and the modern infrared one.
The 4 person saunas are ideal for installation inside professional facilities, wellness center and spa, but they can also be installed at home.

The Finnish sauna offers wellness treatments obtained through perspiration: the body will expel all the toxins with sweat and the skin will benefit greatly in toning.

The infrared sauna uses the heat generated by ceramic ceramic tubes in the range between 6 and 20 micrometers. It is therefore a substantially bright radiation even if not visible to the human eye, which has the characteristic of reaching deep into the skin with an excellent relaxing effect of the muscle, reducing pain and joint stiffness.