Home hot tubs with swim features

A sports pool is the dream of all those who lead an active life: people committed to maintaining optimal physical fitness. The minimum length of the lane of a traditional pool is usually 15 metres. It’s hard to believe that a hot tub at home can replace it completely.


A complete workout in an area of several square meters… but this is real. Thanks to the swim spa, a normal spa becomes practically a professional object. So there will be no need to waste time on long trips to public swimming pools or sports centers.
The swim spa is the perfect choice for your home, hotel, wellness center. It doesn’t take much space, it’s easy to install and at the same time ultra functional.

A swim spa combines an entire wellness complex: swim, spa, hot tub. Fitness fans will be able to improve the efficiency of their workouts thanks to the flow of water. Even the simple physical exercises that are easily done in the gym in the water require more effort, so the desired result will be achieved more quickly.
Choose the power, the direction of the desired water flow, to make the training more efficient. The swim system is a great way to strengthen muscles, lose weight and improve health and well-being.

Swim spas in the online store Beauty Luxury

You can buy a spa inside the online shop at a low and competitive price. The online store Beauty Luxury offers a wide range of models single tub and double tub.
Depending on where you plan to install the pool, you will need to choose the optimal shapes and sizes.
Do you want to swim inside your home without depending on weather conditions? Or do you prefer outdoor sports? You can safely decide on the location of the swimming pool against the current. It can be easily installed either inside a house or outside. The high quality acrylic material in combination with a sturdy steel structure, ensures a long life in all weather conditions.

Online store Beauty Luxury: the best quality/price rate

A wide choice of different colors and accessories will allow the customer to create a unique design, to create a truly unique wellness center.
In the online shop you can buy comfortable access stairs, LED lamps (chromotherapy), multimedia devices and many other useful accessories for traditional swimming pools and models with counter-current swimming function.
The counter-current pool combines all the advantages of SPA procedures and sports swimming. It replaces the whirlpool perfectly and allows you to do a perfect and complete workout.
A wellness-complex in your home, at the price of a traditional pool is a perfect choice for you and your family. A winning choice!


  • Swim spa BL-821 Beauty LuxurySwim spa BL-821 Beauty Luxury

    Swim spa BL-821

    385x220x120 cm – 7 persons

    Original price was: 22.497€.Current price is: 15.748€. (VAT 22% included)
  • Fitness swim spa BL-855

    670x220x165 cm – 3 persons

    Original price was: 41.480€.Current price is: 33.184€. (VAT 22% included)
  • Swim spa BL-823

    430x220x130 cm – 5 persons

    Original price was: 23.168€.Current price is: 16.217€. (VAT 22% included)
  • Swim spa BL-824

    450x225x150 cm – 5 person

    Original price was: 25.486€.Current price is: 17.840€. (VAT 22% included)
  • Swim spa BL-850

    585x220x130 cm – 8 persons

    Original price was: 35.990€.Current price is: 25.193€. (VAT 22% included)
  • Swim spa BL-856

    1175x220x167 cm – 7 persons

    Original price was: 85.388€.Current price is: 59.771€. (VAT 22% included)
  • Swim spa BL-859

    810x220x140 cm – 12 persons

    Original price was: 47.690€.Current price is: 38.152€. (VAT 22% included)
  • Swim spa BL-860

    570x220x130 cm – 6 persons

    Original price was: 41.102€.Current price is: 33.086€. (VAT 22% included)
  • Swim spa BL-861

    590x225x150 cm – 5 persons

    Original price was: 41.468€.Current price is: 29.027€. (VAT 22% included)
  • Swim spa BL-861PRO

    590x225x150 cm – 5 person

    Original price was: 50.008€.Current price is: 40.006€. (VAT 22% included)