Finnish saunas

Sauna is not only a popular tradition, but also a great way to improve the health of humans. The sauna replaces a whole series of expensive spa treatments, helps to keep the skin young, relieving stress.


It’s not at all strange that in every part of the world, millions of people of different ages give preference to heat, to try to heal from small illnesses.

Finnish saunas are considered classic saunas in which the high temperature is maintained, about 100 °C, and the humidity is not more than 10-20%.
This ratio has a healing effect on the whole body and promotes the elimination of toxins.

An active dry heat affects the skin, freeing the pores, giving a unique feeling of lightness, helps to combat overweight.

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Finnish saunas for affordable and quality home use

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The stove is connected to a conventional source, while providing a convenient power consumption: no more than any appliance in the kitchen.
Thanks to the small size of the cabin, the sauna heats up for a few minutes and cools down just as quickly after the stove is turned off.

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