Infrared saunas for home and spas

Regular use of the sauna has become a tradition in many countries. This good habit helps to maintain optimal health, good physical appearance at any age among people.


Unfortunately, not everyone feels comfortable with high temperatures and low humidity. The infrared sauna is ideal for those who want to prolong their youth and strengthen their health. Especially because you can install a compact sauna directly at home or in the office.
Years ago, hotels and spas were in demand, but now it is possible to create a real wellness centre directly at home.

In contrast to the classic Finnish, in the infrared sauna the human body is completely heated by special emitters to a temperature not exceeding 60 °C.
This is very good for your health, it is very pleasant.

Usually a sauna cabin easily host 4 adults of average build. You and your guests can use comfortable seats made of high-quality wood. Your family and friends can improve their health and achieve a natural charge of good humour.

It’s great to enjoy relaxing your muscles after a hard workout or a long day of stressful office work. In just a few minutes, the infrared sauna will help you to regain strength, energy and clarity of thought, giving you a healthy night’s sleep.

Infrared saunas: Beauty Luxury’s quality

Beauty Luxury is proposed for sale but at the same time is a manufacturer, so you can have Italian infrared saunas with the possibility of customization.
We are among the few that have infrared saunas for corner installation. The company guarantees the high quality of materials and electrical equipment, all in accordance with the law.

Especially for small houses and country cottages, it has chosen models that do not require special maintenance.
The modular system is designed so that only two adults, even if not very experienced, can easily cope with the assembly.
A complete assembly it only takes a couple of hours, then the sauna will accompany you for several years of relaxation.

Home saunas: Beauty Luxury gives double advantage

The infrared sauna is cheap! This is due to the competitive advantage derived from the manufacturer.
In addition to the cost effectiveness of the purchase, Beauty Luxury products are economical in terms of use; it is possible to connect the infrared sauna to a standardised electrical outlet.
The quantity of electricity consumed during heating is really low. This is a perfect idea for the home, hotel and professional spas.

Our infrared sauna featrues a timer and a temperature control system, an audio player and other multimedia gadgets can be incorporated, which will allow you not to get bored during your wellness and relaxation session.

Offers for you and your budget

The purchase will certainly not empty your wallet. In our online shop it is easy to find affordable infrared saunas thanks to the continuous offers for those on a limited budget.
Beauty Luxury offers the best price of the market. Our staff may help you on the choice and installation of the sauna.