5 person hot tubs

Our 5 person hot tubs will allow you to create your wonderful wellness spa inside or outside and directly to your house too.


Thanks to the possibility to choose one of 18 Aristech Acrylic® textures (made in USA) and the 4 color PVC skirts the spa will adapt to any design needs. And you can further customize it thanks to the many accessories available in the catalog.

All control electronics are manufactured by Balboa Water Systems® (world leader in the industry, made in the USA) and are included in every version.

Thanks to the many basic features, including chromotherapy, you can transform your evenings in the garden into dream moments and ensure you the maximum satisfaction. The differentiated massage stations that will allow you to get the maximum relaxation and well-being.


5 person hot tubs will allow you to create your beautiful spa wellness center indoors or outdoors, in your house too. Customizable with many accessories.

2 chaise-longue
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230x220x95 cm - 5 persons

8.249,00 (VAT excl.)
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220x220x94 cm - 5 persons

9.890,00 (VAT excl.)
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215x215x95 cm - 5 persons

7.490,00 (VAT excl.)
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220x190x90 cm - 5 persons

9.450,00 (VAT excl.)
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190x190x94 cm - 5 persons

7.440,00 (VAT excl.)
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230x220x95 cm - 5 persons

8.649,00 (VAT excl.)
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250x220x95 cm - 5 persons

9.290,00 (VAT excl.)
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∅200x90 cm - 5 persons

6.690,00 (VAT excl.)
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220x220x92 cm - 5 persons

8.880,00 (VAT excl.)
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190x190x78 cm - 5 persons

5.750,00 (VAT excl.)