Fullspace® hot tubs for unlimited experience

The pleasure of a hot tub bath in many cases is just sitting still and lulled by the water.
For water activities, free from all constraints, we have designed the Fullspace® series.


The water does not exceed 100 cm in height, so it is easy to walk even for those who have never done a stroke.
The weight of the body in the water gradually decreases, until it becomes 90% lighter: for this reason rehabilitation exercises are really easy to perform thanks to the Archimedes Principle, which tells us that a body immersed in a fluid receives a push from the bottom upwards. So physical exercises are simpler and more fun!

Thanks to Fullspace® physical stress is greatly reduced and rehabilitation time is speeded up.

Water rehabilitation offers you therapeutic efficacy on the painful part, reduction of blood pressure, motion improvement, sensitive pain reduction on convalescent limbs, fast weight loss.

At the level of sports rehabilitation, the therapeutic indications vary depending on the case: from those who have undergone surgery to those who have to undergo physiotherapy due to the reconstruction of damaged parts (ligaments and tendons) of the body.

In addition, swimming is one of the ideal methods of treatment for those who suffer from back pain, sciatica, disc hernias and low back pain. Great benefits can also be obtained in situations of pain and long-standing spinal column diseases, including osteoporosis and diseases related to inflammation of the lumbosacral tract.