Hot tub BL-882

310x200x110 cm – 6 persons

12.678 (VAT 22% included)

Made to order. Possibility of customization.










In just 310 cm long and 200 cm wide overall dimension, this Fullspace™ Beauty Luxury hot tub can comfortably accommodate 6 adults or 8 children.
This new generation of spas is designed for those water activities that require free space, such as during rehabilitation sessions.
They are also ideal for introducing children to the aquatic environment. With 29 jets, 21 of which are air jets, the BL-882 offers a complete and powerful whirlpool.
All functions are controlled by the Balboa Water Group® computerised control unit, made in the USA. BL-882 has 2 sides with a large tempered glass insert that allows greater contact between people in the water and the outside environment.
Thanks to 42 jets, 30 of which for air, it offers a complete whirlpool system controlled by the Balboa Water Group® control unit made in the USA.

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Aristech® acrylic (made in USA) tub on self-supporting steel frame with 8mm tempered glass panels – ready to use



Color and finishes

5 colours/textures for the acrylic tub + 4 colours for the PVC skirt

Overall width

310 cm

Overall depth

200 cm

Overall height

110 cm

Empty weight

510 kg

Water capacity

1,850 L




ozone sterilizer, chromotherapy, Bluetooth audio system with speakers

Control panel

Balboa Systems® TP600 (made in USA)

Filtering system

paper filter mod. 2, filter included


29 (8 water + 21 air)

Water pump

2 HP

Air pump

750 W

Circulation pump

400 W

Water heater

3,000 W – Balboa Systems® BP6013 G2/G3 (made in USA)

Main power

selectable: single-phase 220/240 VAC (50/60 Hz) – three-phase 380 VAC (50/60 Hz)


indoor, outdoor, above-ground

CE complyant



2 years

the PVC outer skirt is made with "wood effect" embossing and can be removed for embedded installations


Beauty Luxury products are standard supplied by electronics and heaters made in the USA by the prestigious Balboa Water Group®, a world leader in control systems for spas.

This module, available only for hot tubs, swim & fitness spa with the electronic Balboa Systems BP series, allow you to control the hot tub via an app (you must download from the app store Android or Apple), through your local wi-fi network or the online service.

Enjoy the ease to activate the functions of your hot tub spa from remote, a.e. leaving your office to home ready for your relaxing moments!

The new AX40 module leaves only the commands for switching on the pumps available to the user of the SPA.
This keeps the main control panel out of reach of those who do not know all the controls.

It is the ideal solution for public/professional installations!

The BL2100 option by Balboa Systems® allow the hot tub to be controlled via wi-fi and gives a more exciting control panel thanks to a color display.

Beauty Luxury install the Balboa System BP 2100 only during the production of the hot tub/swim spa: this optional must be required ordering our product.

WARNING: the shown price is intended as "starts from..." because of the type of hot tub you wish to install (units needed for tub size). You must require an estimate cost to our Sales Department.

With 20 minutes per day of use of the new Microsilk® system, you get a spectacular skin rejuvenation with an oxygen-rich, hydrating massage. The skin is tighter and smoother, silky, as well as reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Beauty Luxury install the Balboa System BP 2500 Microsilk® only during the production of the hot tub/swim spa: this optional must be required ordering our product.

WARNING: the shown price is intended as "starts from..." because the quantity of module to be installed may change depending the spa model and sizes. You must require an estimate cost to our Sales Department.

Beauty Luxury Products are hand-made by craftsmen.
For this reason, the measures mentioned may undergo slight changes.
Even the pictures of the products and accessories shown may therefore differ slightly from the final product. The photos displayed are not a constraint.

Excluding products of consumption, all others are delivered by a specialist courier. For this reason, the exact amount of shipping charges will be shown only after the customer will indicate the exact destination address (always show the presence of ZTL zones or centers).

We can also carry out aerial deliveries.
Ask for a quote for more complete information about costs!

Beauty Luxury Care

Beauty Luxury Care

To enjoy your Beauty Luxury product in maximum relaxation, you may purchase our Beauty Luxury Care service with the extended warranty.

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