Pergolas and bioclimatic outdoor pergolas: having it has never been so easy.

Beauty Luxury proposes a wide range of solutions on catalogue, just choose amongst ‘institutional’ pergolas models and the innovative, revolutionary bioclimatic pergolas with their very low environmental impact and in full harmony with nature. Make a gift to yourself – an open sky, on measure space, a repaired corner inside your garden or your patio, right that one you’ve always been dreaming of, it has never been so easy. But let’s see it in the details


Beauty Luxury BL-900 series is a structure which reveals itself with its great visual modernity. It is entirely realized in valuable, resistant aluminum. These covers can be installed as self-supporting structures thanks to their solid, wide ground anchors, or as wall support in alternative.
Wonderful sunshade cover is equipped with independent adjustable slats which guarantee the ideal protection for outdoor environments.

Why choosing Beauty Luxury

Beauty Luxury pergolas are equipped with the normale manual sliding opening, but it is also possible to get them fully motorized for the complete opening of the sky view.
The mechanism moving the so-called ‘foil-roof’ was specifically designed and created to quickly obtain the maximum towing, both in opening and in closing, so that it is fully functional and avoids all sorts of blockages. That allows the user to easily access the coverage of the perimeter in remote way with radio control, too (optional).

Integrated led illumination

Final user especially appreciate perimetrical, total illumination. That will exalt the style and design of the environments designed by Beauty Luxury structures.