Rectangular hot tubs

Rectangular hot tubs have a classic and modern shape, they are designed to make unique the look of any installation place, inside, outside, above ground or embedded. You can remove the PVC exterior available in 4 colors for recessed installation.


Models up to 4 seats allow the installation even in spaces usually more difficult to manage, such as terraces and solariums.

The acrylic bathtub is available in 18 Aristech Acrylic® textures (made in USA) and each model comes standard with the control electronics produced by Balboa Water Systems® (USA world leader in the industry).
The quantity of standard accessories can be integrated thanks to the many accesses available in the catalog.

Our hot tubs are by default equipped with a large number of water and air jets, with powerful and performing pumps, and allows the use both in the aesthetic field and in the sports sector for post-workout defatigating sessions. The stations all have different massages: have fun discovering them with friends or family!


Rectangular hot tubs have a classic and modern shape designed to make unique the look of any place, indoor or outdoor, where they can be installed also embedded.

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220x210x90 cm - 6 persons

6.790,00 (VAT excl.)
2 chaise-longue
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230x220x95 cm - 5 persons

8.249,00 (VAT excl.)
Hotel's choice
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250x200x92 cm - 7 persons

8.199,00 (VAT excl.)
The best for balcony
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209x168x88 cm - 3 persons

5.999,00 (VAT excl.)
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180x160x80 cm - 4 persons

5.990,00 (VAT excl.)
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184x123x69 cm - 3 persons

5.790,00 (VAT excl.)
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213x165x88 cm - 3 persons

7.490,00 (VAT excl.)
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220x155x88 cm - 3 persons

5.950,00 (VAT excl.)
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220x190x90 cm - 5 persons

9.450,00 (VAT excl.)
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195x100x82 cm - 1 person

5.390,00 (VAT excl.)
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380x220x116 cm - 9 persons

17.590,00 (VAT excl.)
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380x220x98 cm - 8 persons

17.200,00 (VAT excl.)
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230x220x95 cm - 5 persons

8.649,00 (VAT excl.)
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250x220x95 cm - 5 persons

9.290,00 (VAT excl.)
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200x160x95 cm - 4 persons

6.490,00 (VAT excl.)
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310x200x110 cm - 6 persons

12.490,00 (VAT excl.)
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450x200x110 cm - 9 persons

18.490,00 (VAT excl.)