Pop-up ovoidal speakers

Pop-up ovoidal speakers

278,00 (VAT excl.)

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    The Beauty Luxury hot tub comes equipped, as standard, with a set of speakers in the outer shell (skirt).
    To increase the quality and usability of the sound during hot tub sessions, the BL-AHT018O concealed speakers are spectacular in their functionality and are installed in the upper part of the tub.
    Their oval shape makes them perfect for installation in smaller hot tub and swim spa.
    In any case, you should always check the compatibility with the model on which they are to be applied: our staff is always available to verify and advise you.
    Due to the complexity of installation, this set must be optioned when ordering the hot tub.

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    20 cm


    7 cm


    43 cm


    BL-808, BL-809, BL-810, BL-822, BL-823, BL-826, BL-829, BL-830, BL-831, BL-832, BL-836, BL-837, BL-850, BL-858, BL-859

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    2 years


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    Beauty Luxury Care

    Beauty Luxury Care

    To enjoy your Beauty Luxury product in maximum relaxation, you may purchase our Beauty Luxury Care service with the extended warranty.