The wellness for your pets

With our pet spa bath will no longer be a nightmare but a moment awaited with joy!

Love for pets

They are part of our lives

Buying a Luxury Pet Spa Beauty also means helping animals waiting to be adopted at the collection facilities!

When the majority of the members of a company’s CDA have a pet, it is normal that there should be a little more attention for to the world of pets.
When we decided to start this production, we established that every customer who buys one of our Pet Spa will receive in the following days the purchase a copy of the payment that we will make to an institution that deals with stray dogs and cats.
The amount of the payment will be proportional to the amount of the purchase and the body chosen will be evaluated by our Editorial Office.

Of course, it is a drop in the ocean. But the sea is made of drops!

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    Beauty Luxury Pet Spa


    Beauty Luxury Pet Spa


    Beauty Luxury Pets

    Greath longevity

    Discover our products

    Pet Spa Beauty Luxury are made using top quality materials and designed for use indoors or in protected areas.

    The acrylic of our Pet Spa is thicker than similar products on the market and this ensures durability, both for indoor and outdoor installations. Pumps and motors are made in Europe.
    The production is carried out with artisan care by personnel with specific training (structuralists, electronics, plumbers) and each product is pre-tested for several hours directly at the end of the assembly line.

    For all the pets

    Beautyful, safe, eco-friendly

    Our Pet Spas have a very low power consumption and use hot and cold water from your system, like any other washbasin.

    The air pumps that make the massage are very quiet and do not frighten the animals and are equipped with adjustable speed.
    They have a chromotherapy system to help relax the animal, which for the first times can be secured to the sturdy attachment provided.
    The equipment includes a hand shower and a lifesaver for maximum safety.
    Each pet spa has a special system for the recovery of hairs, which do not clog up the exhausts.

    Beauty Luxury Pets

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