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Until a few years ago, offering its customers a relaxation and wellness area was considered “eccentric”, with the exception of spas, as it gave a minimum economic return.
Today it is statistically demonstrated that the customer is oriented, when he has to choose a relaxing holiday, to structures that offer every possible alternative to traditional tourism. So the presence of a Spa in a hotel (but also in B&Bs and resorts) simply becomes a must.
Offering the best to the client means giving more value to the stay, to the holiday, as well as transmitting the desire to replicate the experience.
The Spa became a primary “object of desire” for the traveller. An additional feature offered by the hotel for relaxation and wellness.

Beauty Luxury is a prestigious brand inserted with great proposals within the “wellness planet”. A brand of products studied to enhance the pleasure of staying at a hotel.
Beauty Luxury offers the possibility to personalize any type of space available within a hotel, turn it into a common relaxation area, but also in the most exclusive room or suite.
The model of stay changes, it becomes the most exciting moment in the name of the highest quality of life: unique and unrepeatable.
As time goes by, you will discover that this investment will open the door to new types of customers and users.
First of all, add “wellness tourism” to your mailing list of offers. You will increase your pleasure stays, also increasing the business to business.
Your hotel will become a place to take care of yourself, in summer and even in winter. Make a holiday or business trip with Beauty Luxury products exclusive.

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    Beauty Luxury business

    Safe and profitable investment

    A choice of value

    Choosing a Beauty Luxury spa is the best possible… for many good reasons.
    Unique, well cared, ergonomic design.
    High-quality materials, resistant, durable.
    Wellness guaranteed, thanks to the many jets of the various productions and the many options of hydromassage.
    Top performance thanks to engines managed by the best electronics in the world.
    Pleasure assured: your client will never forget your hotel and the superior quality of your holiday or stay.
    Guaranteed profit: the profitability in the sale of the stay will increase and therefore also the business will become more profitable.
    Advantage: the value of your property will rise thanks to the technologies and services acquired and offered.
    Finally. Safety and assistance, availability of spare parts and technicians.

    The best of the industry's technology

    First quality materials

    Our products are engineered by an international team, obviously directed by Italian designers, supported by experts who study and integrate the best technical solutions available on the market.
    We chose the best acrylic from Aristech Acrylic™ from Kentucky, USA, the world’s leading company.

    As for all the electronics, Beauty Luxury’s official partner has become the Balboa Water Group™, today much more than a world leader in the sector. Balboa Water Group™ is the choice of the best spa producers.

    We have chosen engines of European production.

    We have formed groups of craftsmen who manually create and take care of each Beauty Luxury product.

    Beauty Luxury business
    Beauty Luxury business

    Assistance & spare parts

    Safety first of all

    All Beauty Luxury products are CE compliant.

    Furthermore, thanks to the web portal, we offer the best online assistance: every request received is immediately taken care of by our technicians, and processed as soon as possible.

    Our central warehouse in Rimini has all the main pieces and spare parts, which can be delivered by express courier in 24 hours.

    We have technicians throughout the country.

    Our service is among the most efficient, precise and widespread.

    We share our success

    Beauty Luxury Plus

    Beauty Luxury has become the number one in the results of web search engines and social networks. We are talking about a very high number of daily contacts, very high. For this reason we offer today the possibility to professional structures of any kind to be easily found on the web, increasing the possibility of generating business volume. is the “wellness oriented” search engine where you can find all the professionals who use our products.

    Purchase a Beauty Luxury product and send us some photos of your installations: we will place your activity in our search engine. Your presence on the network will multiply and increase your concrete business possibilities!
    Beauty Luxury offers its customers this service for free: your success is really important for us!

    Beauty Luxury business
    Beauty Luxury for business
    Beauty Luxury for Business
    Beauty Luxury for business