Unless otherwise agreed, our Company will choose the shipping method and carrier. If it is not serious; indicated any clause or provision is not serious, provided a different type of shipping, delivery is guaranteed delivered to destination. Our Company assumes no liability for any loss or damage to the products once delivered to the customer, except if, unless otherwise agreed, the insurance company to provide the products to the purchaser. The goods not damaged could be returned without prior authorization.


If, after receiving the notice by our Company that the goods are ready to be delivered, the customer fails to accept delivery of the products within a reasonable time, our Company may sell or stock them at the expense of the customer.


Our Company will do everything necessary to avoid delays in delivery. The non-delivery due to reasons of force majeure, within the time specified, however, is not sufficient grounds for cancellation of the order. Our Company accepts no liability for consequential damages or direct or indirect economic losses caused by delays in delivery of the products due to causes beyond its control.


The customer must inform our Company within 5 (five) working days, except in writing, by sending a registered letter of incomplete deliveries, or manufacturing defects or other defects, clearly identifiable with a check.


If, prior to shipment, the delivery of a product requires an export authorization or otherwise, our Company shall not be liable for any delays in granting or not granting such authorization.


Delivery will be “free at the sidewalk.” It requires the presence of human porterage appropriate to the needs of the discharge of realativo and transportation to the place of assembly and installation of the product. Goods are unloaded at the address specified by the customer (near the point reached by the carrier in case of hardship or hard to reach area of the carrier) with the aid of hydraulic lift for unloading, IF NECESSARY, excluding transportation plans raised and any pre assembly and fittings, unless otherwise agreed described above and outside of this private. NOT PERFORM WORK OF PORTAGE. Where the place of delivery, after inspection by the carrier, generates problems with transport provided by the shipping and the offer made, the Hetech sas reserves the right to be agreed with the customer before shipping the product, generated with a new tariff-personam, the case is severe you can withdraw on his own even by the purchaser. If available, we’ll provide a link to track the status of your order.


The shipping is severe, including the cost of packaging. We assume no responsibility for damage caused during transport, but we will make an appropriate packaging for fragile items. Boxes are amply sized and your items are well protected.