Shipment and delivery


The exact shipping cost will be communicated during the signing of the contract and will be calculated on the basis of the exact shipping address and the necessary method: we ship by dedicated means, with or without porterage, possibly by crane or even by helicopter service.


Unless otherwise agreed, Seller will choose method of transport and carrier. If no delivery clause is specified or no other type of delivery was made, free sidewalk delivery to the place of destination is applied. Seller assumes no responsibility for any loss or damage to the Products once delivered to Customer except in the event that, unless otherwise agreed, Seller provides insurance coverage for the Products in favor of the buyer. Damaged goods cannot be returned without prior authorization.


If, after having received from Seller the communication that the Products are ready for supply, Customer does not accept the delivery of the Products within a reasonable period of time, Seller may sell or store them at the Customer’s expense.


Seller will do everything necessary to avoid delays in delivery. However, failure to supply due to force majeure, within the terms indicated, does not represent a sufficient reason for canceling the order. Seller is neither liable for consequential damages nor direct / indirect economic losses caused by delays in delivery of Products due to force majeure.


Customer must inform Seller within 5 (five) working days only by writing registered letter with return receipt about incomplete deliveries, manufacturing defects or other defects clearly identifiable with an accurate check.


If delivery of a product requires an export or other authorization before shipment, Seller will not be responsible for any delays in the release or failed issue of the above said authorization.


Delivery is always free sidewalk. Unless expressly requested, Customer organizes on his own the presence of human porterage adequate to the needs of the unloading and relative transport to the place of assembly and installation of the Product. Goods are unloaded at the address indicated by Customer (in the event of disadvantaged or difficult to reach area for the carrier, at the closest point reachable by himself) with the aid of a hydraulic tailgate for unloading, IF NECESSARY, excluding transport to second and third floors and any requests of assembly, unless previously agreed indicated in sales contract. PORTERAGE WORKS ARE NOT PERFORMED. If place of delivery of the goods provokes transport problems after verification by the courier and problems were not included in foreseen shipping costs and in offer, Seller reserves the right to agree with the Customer a new generated, ad-personam tariff for the specific case before shipping the Product. Buyer could collect goods on his own by the buyer, too.


Shipping costs include cost of packaging, too. We do not take any responsibility for damage caused during transport, but it is our care to pack suitable for the dimensions so that goods are well protected.