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Hot tub pH reductor BL-SPAPH

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BL-SPAPHM is a granular chemical product to be used to reduce the alkalinity value of the water in the hot tub spa or swim spa.
The optimal value, between 7.2 and 7.6, should be measured with the BL-SPATEST kit on a water sample at 20 °C.
Once the level has been adjusted, it will be possible to use the hot tub in complete peace of mind.
To adjust the level, a modest quantity of product is required, in proportion to the cubic metres of water present, approximately 10 grams per cubic metre.
For correct use, the instructions on the packaging must be followed.

Follow exactly the instructions included with the product for a correct and responsible use!

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1,5 kg drum


all hot tub, swim and fitness spas

CE complyant



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